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By establishing where our partners are currently, we can ask the right questions and use proven processes to find solutions to challenges, clearing the path for success.

Brand audit

We delve into your existing brand assets to guide the direction for what’s to come next. We explore visual assets, evaluate storytelling potential, respect heritage and identify what to retain, repurpose or discard.

Technical audit

A comprehensive look into your existing website architecture where everything from infrastructure to performance, functionality and integrations are all evaluated to ensure a streamlined website overhaul.

Usability testing

Whether conducted virtually or in-person, user testing offers invaluable, unbiased insights into your brand or digital experience. Our process unearths actionable user feedback to steer your digital presence towards an optimal and user-centric design.

Audience research

Whether you’re a new brand or a well-established organisation we engage with your team to tap into your diverse user types gaining valuable insights into acquisition, preferred technology platforms and the content they engage with most.

Journey mapping

Leveraging our collated insights, we employ a content brick method to craft a low-fidelity sitemap. This strategic approach engages the whole team to ensure that information is seamlessly accessible within the most relevant areas of your digital experience.

How we get there

Our primary aim for this phase is to understand the end goal, so we’re able to work together to outline the approach that will help get us there.

01 Meet the teams
02 Collaborative workshops
03 Clear communication
04 Guided process
05 Now and next

We love working directly alongside our partners, becoming an extension of their team. Starting with a relaxed introductory workshop where project members from across the organisations can get involved. Helping to get to know each other ensures we continue through the project phases with friendly and open communication.

A range of workshops allow us to capture key insights from across your organisation. From strategy to technical, internal teams to audiences, we’re able to observe, listen and ask the right questions.

In an increasingly remote-first world, we prioritise seamless collaboration, idea sharing, and feedback exchange. Our tools include shared Slack channels for real-time status updates and Trello as the single source of truth for ongoing work, ensuring all teams remain aligned and well-informed.

All projects follow our proven processes whilst maintaining a level of flexibility throughout to enable each one to take it’s own path to sustained success.

We understand there may be both short and long-term milestones and by carefully balancing the present and the future, we are able to orchestrate seamless rollouts and continuous progression, keeping the overarching vision on track.

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