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Smithfield is a design and development studio with a vision to collaborate with people that share our passion for creative and meaningful work.

Our values

As a studio, our values set the standard for the qualities we look for in ourselves and our partners.

Progressive collaboration

We work openly and inclusively throughout each stage of a project to best understand, define and cultivate solutions that best communicate your brand. Since no two brands are identical, we offer a flexible service and tailor deliverables to suit requirements.

Guided by insight

Informed decision making helps guide us in achieving the right objectives, central to a projects success and is something we’re consistently applying. We thrive on information and encourage open and honest communication as a tool for growth.

Cultivated with care

We’re passionate about cultivating carefully considered solutions that deliver the best possible experience for end users and are easily adaptable for future developments.

Less is more

As natural problem solvers, we enjoy finding elegant solutions to complex processes. We value the clarity simplicity brings and aim to communicate the heart of the brand in the simplest, most effective way without unnecessary noise.

Pursuit of balance

Being a small, agile team allows us to make quick decisions, easily adjust to circumstances and maintain a healthy working culture. We believe striking the right balance is beneficial to everything we do from discovery, campaigns, website performance, user journeys, design structure or life in general.

Good work, good people

Using our skills, we help push our partner’s vision further in order to create meaningful change. We care about working with people who want to make a positive social impact on a variety of levels.

Our team

We’re a collective of designers, developers & creative thinkers passionate about making a positive impact.

Adam Hunt Creative Director
Mike Sheppard Technical Director
Sarah Wellings Studio Manager
Chloe Kilgariff Designer
Mosaad Ahmed Developer
Afiur Fahim Developer

What we do

Understanding your challenges and vision through our initial discovery phase allows us to craft compelling brand strategies, use our modular design approach or move seamlessly into development where we build robust, secure and scalable websites powered by a user-centric and extendable CMS.